China Daily - Science and technology innovation will drive China's economic growth in the long term in the future


Source:China Daily

At the just-concluded 2020 Zhongguancun Forum, scientists and business leaders in attendance all stated that China will mainly improve production efficiency and bring about comprehensive economic growth through science and technology innovation for a long time to come.

The forum opened on Thursday and lasted until last Sunday, bringing together numerous experts, scholars, business leaders, and international organization leaders to discuss global innovation and cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Baidu's chairman and CEO, Robin Li, stated at the Zhongguancun Forum that in the next few years, China's economy will enter a high-speed growth phase, during which the artificial intelligence industry will play an indispensable and even crucial role.

Li Yanhong said, "The smart economy driven by artificial intelligence as the core is a new engine to drive the global economy back up, and it will become a new label for the Chinese economy in the next 10 years."

Li Yanhong predicted that with the continuous application of artificial intelligence technology, it will completely change our production mode. For example, in the field of transportation, the construction of intelligent transportation infrastructure based on vehicle-road coordination can improve traffic efficiency by 15%-30%. With the advancement of technology promoting the gradual improvement of the intelligent transportation system, first-tier cities in China will no longer need restrictions on car purchase and traffic control within the next 5 years, and the traffic congestion problem can be basically solved within 10 years.

During the four-day forum, top scientists, leading entrepreneurs, and emerging startup founders from around the world, including Nobel Prize and Fields Medal winners, discussed topics such as international innovation cooperation, bioscience, artificial intelligence, innovation ecosystems, and startups.

The 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo was held in conjunction with this year's Zhongguancun Forum, showcasing China's latest scientific and technological achievements to the world.

Benewake (Beijing) Co., Ltd. showcased its LiDAR (a detection system that utilizes radar principles but uses laser as a light source) technology and solutions for intelligent rail transportation and civil aviation at the forum.

Benewake's founder and CEO, Li Yuan, stated that China has demonstrated a strong willingness and determination to establish international platforms for technological cooperation and innovation in response to the global challenges posed by COVID-19.

"We have been striving to achieve safer, more efficient, and more reliable transportation systems through the use of high-tech LiDAR," said Li Yuan. "We are honored to participate in the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum, which is the second international technology innovation exchange platform held offline in China since the pandemic, following the China International Fair for Trade in Services. This breakthrough event demonstrates China's proactive approach to challenges and its efforts to create an internationalized platform for technological innovation and exchange for domestic and foreign enterprises, which is conducive to the transformation of international scientific and technological achievements and the acceleration of economic empowerment."

"By relying on scientific prevention and control measures, China has not only effectively controlled the epidemic but also actively encouraged enterprises to form their own 'moats' by relying on their core technologies to resume production as soon as possible. Since the second half of this year, Benewake has fully invested in the performance upgrade and domestication of components of Horn-X2, a high-performance LiDAR, and has achieved comprehensive improvement through its advanced 3D environmental perception technology, which can deeply empower transportation infrastructure with precise perception, accurate analysis, and refined management."

The Zhongguancun Forum has successfully held eleven sessions so far. Based on innovation throughout the entire chain of science, technology, products, and markets, the forum strives to become an international platform for technological innovation exchange and cooperation that integrates technology exchange, innovation achievement exhibition, trade, and release. In 2020, the Zhongguancun Forum focused on the four major areas of "conference + exhibition + trade + release," using a combination of online and offline methods, attracting more than 1,000 foreign enterprise representatives from over 30 countries and regions. (Du Juan, China Daily Beijing Station)


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