Bulk-Material Level Detection LiDAR
Compact Design
Low Power Consumption

TF02-Pro-W Bulk-Material Level Detection LiDAR

Industrial-grade self-cleaning LiDAR

The TF02-Pro-W is an industrial LiDAR sensor tailored for precise level detection and bulk material volume monitoring, featuring a self-cleaning wiper for reliable accuracy in dusty and smoky conditions. To further ensure accuracy, TF02-Pro-W industrial LiDAR offers a 1~1000Hz frame rate, around ±6cm to 1% accuracy, and up to 100Klux light resistance within a 25m range to accommodate various working environments.

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Built-in self-cleaning module

Accuracy is of paramount importance for level detection of solid and liquid material. Fully understanding that needs, the TF02-Pro-W industrial LiDAR integrates a self-cleaning squeegee that automatically clears dust from its lens, ensuring consistent accuracy with minimum maintenance efforts. The brushing mechanism of TF02-Pro-W LiDAR is set on an interval of 4 hours in default mode, but users can change the frequency anytime, depending on the circumstances.

Integrated Design
Versatile Communication and Data Solutions
The TF02-Pro-W industrial laser distance sensor offers UART, I²C, RS485 interfaces, and Modbus protocol for easy connection with various systems and devices. For consumers who prefer wireless choices, the battery-powered laser rangefinder sensor also supports LoRaWAN, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Multiple Types
of Ports

Modbus Protocol

Multiple Wireless 

Transmission Solutions

Non-contact measurement,
built-in dust-filtering algorithm

Benewake TF02-Pro-W industrial LiDAR exemplifies highly accurate non-contact distance measurements with its time of flight principle and narrow field of view (FoV) design. Its self-cleaning lens and built-in dust-filtering algorithm further guarantee the reliability of distance measurement, contributing to a high-precision laser distance sensor that is both functional and efficient.



Industrial applications
Industrial applications
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