High Frequency
High Accuracy
0-350 Meter
Compact Design
Low Power Consumption
Multiple Interfaces

TF03 IP67 Long Range LiDAR Sensor

TF03 is an industrial-grade single-point long-range LiDAR, its detection distance is up to 180m. TF03 can function under extreme sunlight and in poor weather conditions, such as rain and fog, thanks to its unique compensation algorithm. TF03 has multiple measurement modes and configurable parameters. 

Compact, yet so powerful

The secret to our pToF-based TF03's being compact yet delivering outstanding ranging performance lies with its unique optical and signal processing circuit design. 

Now TF03 can detect objects at a distance of up to 180 metres. High-resolution, high-accuracy, high-precision,adopts a unique optical system and the signal processing circuit, based on the pToF principle, which can improve ranging performance in a compact size. 

In addition to increasing the range to more than 100 meters, the key parameters also have excellent performance in the whole range, such as distance resolution, accuracy, repeatability and detection frequency.

Operating range
Min 0.1m
Blind area
Max 7KHz
Frame rate
Ambient light immunity
High Enclosure Rate, Multiple Interfaces

The shell of TF03 is made of aluminum alloy and infrared band-pass glass to improve the overall strength. TF03 supports multiple interfaces, including UART, CAN, RS232 and RS485, which can satisfy different applications.

Customized Operation Mode

Multiple parameters of TF03 can be configured by customers, including the measuring frequency,
baud rate, trigger mode, over-range assignment, etc.
TF03 is equipped with BootLoader function, enabling users to upgrade product firmware locally. 

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