TF-Luna 8m Low Cost Distance Sensor Modual

TF-Luna is a single-point ranging LiDAR, based on TOF principle. With unique optical and electrical design, it can achieve stable, accurate and highly sensitive range measurement. The product is built with algorithms adapted to various application environments and adopts multiple adjustable configurations and parameters so as to offer excellent distance measurement performances in complex application fields and scenarios.

Slim Figure Yet Big Skill
Small Size
35mm*21.25mm*13.5mm, easy to install and integrate;
Light Weight
<=5g, suitable for scenarios with strict load requirements;
Low Power Consumption
≤0.35W, suitable for battery-powered or low power consumption scenarios;
High Cost-effectiveness
A low-cost ranging module for short distances with a range of 0.2m-8m,
featuring high stability, accuracy, and sensitivity in distance measurement.
Algorithm integration
Flexible Configuration of Mode Parameters

The product has built-in adaptive algorithms for multiple application environments and targets, and has opened up various adjustable configurations and parameters.
It can ensure its excellent ranging performance in complex environments and meet customers' complex application scenario requirements.

Headquarters:3rd Floor, Haiguo Jiaye Sci-Tech Park, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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