TFmini Plus12m IP65 Protected LiDAR

TFmini Plus LiDAR inherits TFmini's advantages: low cost, small size, and low power consumption. Moreover, this affordable LiDAR scanner has wider applications and better performance with increased frame rate, improved accuracy, IP65 protection, and optimized compensation algorithms.

Small yet Powerful
The TFmini Plus stands out as a game-changer in the realm of laser range sensors. Despite its featherlight weight of around 11 grams and 85mW power consumption at the minimum, this low-cost LiDAR sensor boasts an impressive frame rate and operating range spanning from 0.1-12 meters. What truly sets the TFmini Plus apart is its FOV of 3.6° and a remarkable accuracy of ±5cm@(0.1m-5m), minimizing the risk of false detections and ensuring reliable object detection and distance measurement.
Operating Range
 Frame rate 
Power Consumption
Safe & Stable
The Benewake TFmini Plus is a low-cost laser ranging sensor that's engineered with safety and stability in mind. Unlike the open structure of TFmini, this new LiDAR module boasts an IP65 rating that shields it from dust and water and has passed stringent drone-level vibration tests. This sturdy LiDAR sensor module also offers the flexibility to adapt with Pix and custom protocols as well as the standard UART, I/O, and I2C interfaces. Overall, TFmini Plus is an affordable LiDAR sensor that ticks all the boxes for dependability and solid operation across a spectrum of applications.





Industrial applications
Industrial applications
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